This week we had another interesting internet request, this time we were asked for bespoke flooring for a London photographer. The client had taken a look at our website and seen several white-oiled planks that would suit the style of his new London studio which was half-way through renovation. After being asked to visit, we packed up the car with samples of a variety of white flooring and set off for London.

Upon seeing the full sized planks and large sample boards, the client came to the conclusion that all of the stock white flooring that we have available was either too white or if white-washed then slightly too brown. After much discussion we decided that the only way to find the perfect shade would be to create a sample ourselves and talk to some manufacturers about creating a bespoke floor based upon the colour of the sample we had made.

After several days of experimentation with a variety of finishes we managed to mix up a perfect colour finish by adding measurements of white paint to hard-wax oil. We then used this white-oil to colour an unfinished plank and took this with us back to London. Upon seeing the sample the client said that this was the closest so far to the effect that he had envisioned but that is could still do with being a tad paler. We then managed to amend the sample, making it slightly whiter and sent this on to one of our most trusted European manufacturers for a colour match.

After five weeks, we received word that flooring was complete and on its way to London for fitting. We soon heard back from our client who was over-the-moon with the finished product which really gave a great contemporary feel to the new studio.

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