At Hicraft we pride ourselves on having more manufacturers available to us than almost any other flooring shop, these products range both in price and in manufacture; from stock products available to us quickly to bespoke products that are made to order over the space of a few weeks. But what if none of these options allow a customer to find their perfect floor? Well, after a request last week we have proved the great lengths that we are willing to go to find the perfect product; in this case oak flooring for a London interior designer.

We had an email from a well known London Interior Design Company saying that a client of theirs was looking for a traditional warm coloured oak floor and that they had spoken to several big flooring shops in the London area that had provided them with samples however none had quite managed to capture exactly what the client was requesting. After taking notes on the sort of flooring that the customer was looking for, we completely packed out the car with full sized planks and metre square sample boards and took a trip to London.

Upon arriving at the customers house we began discussing the laying of the floor and took a look at the rooms to be fitted, we were then given six small coaster sized samples of oak flooring from the above mentioned London shops. After discussing these we unloaded our car full of samples, much to the elation of the customer who had not been expecting to see so many full sized boards. As we explained, it is our policy to avoid samples when possible as such a small piece cannot possibly demonstrate the quality of an overall floor as much a a full sized plank.

After taking a look at these large boards in the light of the room in which they were to be fitted, the customer settled upon a choice of flooring. However, one of the main requirements of this particular job was that the flooring should be fitted over underfloor heating and whilst the plank chosen was fine to do so, the 20mm thick structural board was too thick to efficiently allow the heat through into the room. We said that we would have a look at similar finishes from other manufacturers and try and find a solution.

After returning from London we contacted the manufacturer and enquired about obtaining a 15mm thick version of their flooring, unfortunately they could only produce 20mm thick.  After much discussion, we managed to contact a supplier of unfinished oak planks and had them supply some 15mm thick, 240mm wide unfinished oak to the manufacturer of the original 20mm thick boards, they then agreed a fee with us to finish the 15mm thick boards with the exact same finish as the 20mm. We had a full plank of this made as a sample and went back to London.

Both the customer and the interior designer were more than impressed at how we managed to solve the dilemma and an order was placed. The customer now has their ideal looking flooring with the added efficiency of having a thinner board on top of their underfloor heating.

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