Bespoke Engineered Herringbone

These bespoke engineered herringbone blocks are from the Italian designers at Hungarian Mardegan Legno. With hundreds of colours to choose from and a variety of finishing effects such as saw-marking and hand-planing, Mardegan truly set the standard for bespoke flooring.The engineered blocks even come counterbalanced in oak to ensure that both the top and bottom of each plank expand and contract in unison. The precision manufacture and finishing on these blocks will ensure that they stay in place for a huge amount of time.

The colour range available from this manufacturer is truly breathtaking, the picture below shows just a quick overview of the range. Due to the sheer amount of finishes and colours available from this manufacturer and the bespoke nature of their business, it is sometimes difficult to get a sample of the exact combination that you are looking for. To combat this we have some full sized planks and blocks of each range along with samples of each and every colour meaning that during our visit we will be able to help you visualize your perfect floor. The picture above shows one of the manufacturers sand-blasted planks alongsideĀ  a small dark oak herringbone. The picture below shows a planed herringbone finished in a high gloss lacquer.

These Bespoke Engineered Herringbone Parquet blocks are available in a variety of lacquered and oiled finishes. There is also the option of having several different textures including brushing, planing and saw-marking to name just a few. If you would like more details then please contact us.

If you like this floor and want to find out how to buy the flooring give us a call. We have lots of similar block and timber parquet. The patterned wood blocks and strips we have come in engineered and solid form making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have a huge range of wooden panel floors, please contact us and one of our team will do our best to find what you want.

Bespoke Engineered Herringbone
Bespoke Engineered Herringbone

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