Handmade Hand Finished Herringbone

Custom made parquet flooring


These Handmade hand finished herringbone blocks were fitted by us here at Hicraft. The traditional solid blocks are square-edged and so are glued down and fitted before being sanded to remove any fluctuations in height. The blocks have then been treated with a water-based lacquer that helps to preserve the natural pale colouration of the oak in contrast the honey-like tone created when using the usual solvent based lacquers.

These blocks are supplied unfinished and require coating with an oil or lacquer after fitting. The blocks themselves are designed for a traditional glue-down fitting.

If you like this floor and want to find out how to buy the flooring give us a call. We have lots of similar block and timber parquet. The patterned wood blocks and strips we have come in engineered and solid form making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have a huge range of wooden panel floors, please contact us and one of our team will do our best to find what you want.


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Handmade Hand Finished Herringbone
Handmade Hand Finished Herringbone

Floor Finish

These Handmade hand finished herringbone blocks are supplied unfinished and require lacquering or oiling after fitting.

Floor Construction

Thickness: 22mm
These blocks are made from Solid Oak and so have no veneer.

Board Sizes

These blocks come in the Traditional Victorian size of: 70mm Wide x 230mm Long.

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