Painted and Worn Distressed Wooden Flooring

White Shabby Chic Flooring to Complement Your Vintage Home Decor


Distressed Wooden Flooring - Painted and Worn Wood Flooring available in many colours.

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This painted and then worn, distressed wood flooring provides the perfect finish for your vintage decor or industrial interior design. Paint (in the colour of your choice) is applied to wooden flooring (in the design of your choice) before being removed by hand to leave a lived in look.

The white shabby chic flooring you see here helps to create the vintage decor look so beloved of celebrities like Pearl Lowe and it is the perfect flooring for a family home. If you are looking for a floor to fit in an area of your home with a lot of foot traffic this could be the one for you.

Don’t let appearances fool you, while these boards have the look of well worn old flooring which has been in situ for years, they are new and engineered making this distressed wood flooring suitable for underfloor heating!

Worn white shabby chic flooring for that lived in look. Distressed wooden flooring available in many colours.
Painted and Distressed Herringbone Wood Flooring

We can supply this distressed floor as a plank, herringbone or chevron or even as well worn Versailles panel flooring. Pictured here as a distressed white floor we can also provide it in a huge range of colours.

Distressed Versailles Panel Flooring - Painted and worn wooden floors

If you like these distressed and painted oak floors and want to find out how to buy them contact us. If it’s almost what you’re after, but not quite, do give us a call, we have a huge variety of distressed wood flooring available and are confident that we can track down the one for you! We stock a huge range of planks and timber floorboards. Our floors come in engineered and solid wood making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have contacts all over the world which means that if we don’t have what you are after we can track it down for you. Please contact us, pop in and see us, or ask us to come out and visit you, and one of our team will do our best to find the floor you want.


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For more inspiration check out our full colour range and our distressed flooring collection

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