Walnut Engineered Chevron

Parquet flooring HC1411


Exquisitely crafted and beautiful to look at, this Engineered Walnut Chevron gives a great modern twist to the classic herringbone look. Sometimes referred to as Hungarian Point Herringbone, Chevron has been around for many years but has recently become hugely popular choice among parquet blocks. Much like Herringbone, Chevron blocks come in left and right pieces but have their ends cut at 45° or 60°.

The real beauty of Chevron flooring comes from viewing the parquet from varying angles. As the grain runs at a 45° degree angle between the left and right pieces, the woods natural grain pattern reflects the light slightly differently from each creating a stunning multi-shaded look to the floor.

The Walnut itself is a truly outstanding wood. Unlike Oak or many more tightly grained woods, Walnut tends to have a great marble effect grain made up of varying tones of browns, reds and blacks. When first installed, the walnut has a mid-brown colour only advancing to a beautiful red hue with age and exposure to natural UV light.


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Floor Finish


Floor Construction

Veneer thickness: 3mm

Board thickness: 10mm

Edging: Micro Bevel

Board Sizes

90mm x 10mm x 510mm

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