Worn Smoked Wide Oak

Worn Smoked Wide Oak is one of the lighter smoked woods available. This Fumed and Wax Oiled Oak is from Italian manufacturer Quadrolegno. Part of their customisable range, these planks are available with a huge range of after effects such as brushing for texture to add a personal touch to your floor. To begin, the boards have been fumed to give them their deep brown colour and then treated with a durable hard-wax oil to finish. The oiled finish gives a great natural Matt finish to the planks that helps to bring out the rich variation in colour.

One of the main features of these boards is the way that the fuming process has created such a variation in the tone of the planks, the grain is really shown off to its full potential, creating wonderful patterns between the boards. This variation also makes the planks perfect for use in a variety of rooms as the range of colours shown allow the floor to adapt to most interior decoration. Another great design element of these planks comes in the way that whilst they are not initially distressed  the curving grain and colour variation give the impression of older, more traditional boards. This makes the flooring ideal for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

If you like this floor and want to find out how to buy the flooring give us a call. We have many similar planks and timber floorboards. The wood floors we have come in engineered and solid form making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have a huge range of wooden boards, please contact us and one of our team will do our best to find what you want.


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