Samples and Visiting Service

Posting one or two samples: £25 This covers the cost to have them made and posted to you, refunded when you purchase.

Visiting service: From £50 We will visit with a car full of large display boards, planks and samples, refunded when you purchase.

We supply everything from Oiled Rustic Oak to Grey Saw-Marked Oak Herringbone, samples of these products are not always very easy to find. Most of our flooring comes from bespoke manufacturers who only create planks on demand, meaning that to get a sample we must have it made and delivered from Europe or sometimes further afield. These samples are small and we find that it is impossible to judge the quality of the wood and finishing without seeing a much larger board. As such we try to avoid giving out samples and instead offer a visiting service for a £50 deposit. We will drive to your location with a large collection of full sized planks and large sample boards based upon your specifications. This deposit is fully refundable against the cost of your order should you choose to buy from us. By doing this, you get a better look at the flooring that you wish to purchase in the room where it is to be fitted, as well as the advantage of having one of our experienced staff in your home to give any advice that you may need.

If you would like any information on our products, or would like to arrange a visit, please call or e-mail us via the box below with the name and code of the selected wood and we will do our best to help.


At Hicraft we believe that samples, whilst helpful in certain cases, are not large enough to truly represent the flooring as a whole. Due to this, we feel that the only way to truly see what a floor will actually look like is to take a look at a sample board or large planks. Whilst a sample can effectively represent the finish of a flooring in terms of colour and texture, Engineered boards are after all made from real wood which will naturally contain variations in colour and grain as can be seen below.

sample bad 2 IMG_4119

As a result of this problem, we have spent years collecting a large range of full sized engineered planks and sample boards which we display in our Bristol shop. We would highly recommend that anyone considering buying one of our floors comes to visit us first to take a look around.



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