Engineered Walnut Burl Flooring

Walnut panels with natural burls

Engineered Walnut Burl Panel Wooden Flooring

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HC1003 – Engineered Walnut Burl

This highly unusual and yet stunning Engineered Walnut Burl Flooring is from Italian designers Quadrolegno. As part of their ‘Elite Prestige’ range, this flooring is made to order in Italy. Unlike most flooring, these tiles have been cut exclusively from the Walnut trees naturally occurring burls. Burls are dense areas of growth that gather where numerous buds or branches have failed to grow, when cut they give a completely different grain to the other areas of the tree. Obviously, with burr patterns only occuring a few times per tree, this adds a certain exclusivity to this product and there are few other companies, if any, producing this type of floor.

To achieve the symmetrical effect of each tile, the burrs have been cut on two axis and then been joined to sit together. This sort of painstaking marquetry is normally reserved for small areas such as tables or instruments, to create a whole flooring like this is truly unique. This flooring has an excellent classic look that really lends itself well to traditional surroundings.


Oiled Engineered Luxury Walnut Flooring

If you like this floor and want to find out how to buy it give us a call. If it is almost what you are after but not quite, give us a call! We stock a huge range of planks and timber floorboards. Our floors come in engineered and solid wood making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have contacts all over the world which means that if we don’t have what you are after we can track it down for you. Please contact us, pop in and see us, or ask us to come out and visit you, and one of our team will do our best to find the floor you want.

Oiled Engineered Luxury Walnut Burl Wooden Floor

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