Wide Italian Oak by Listone Giordano



Wide Italian Oak by Listone Giordano have become a classic look over the past few years in the UK and none look more realistically distressed than those by Listone Giordano. The Italian designers lead the way when it comes to technical innovation and finishing techniques with methods far beyond those of many stock flooring manufacturers.

Each plank has been brushed for texture meaning that the lighter part of the grain are removed. What this does is allow the light to be captured and reflected creating a sense of depth when compared to the flat surface of many modern floors. The planks have then been mildly distressed; to do this Listone Giordano take great care to ensure that the distressing takes place along the grain to look as natural as possible.

This flooring is made from a rustic grade of European oak meaning that there will be allowances for knots however unlike many other manufacturers Listone Giordano go to great lengths to ensure that any knots do not look out of place as they are expertly filled using a considered colour.

If you like this floor and want to find out how to buy the flooring give us a call. We have many similar planks and timber floorboards. The wood floors we have come in engineered and solid form making them suitable for a range of fitting methods. We have a huge range of wooden boards, please contact us and one of our team will do our best to find what you want.


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